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Every hard working individual understands the importance and benefits of work- it provides us, as members of society, with financial gain, a means to put food on our family dinner table, and also provides us with a sense of belonging, as we feel that we are contributing to the development of our community. But how good are really the benefits of work when you have to put yourself in hazardous and dangerous areas in order to achieve it?

Unfortunately, even though machinery has helped remove numerous hazards from work spaces and in so protected the workers, there are still work environments that are in serious need of  health andsafety consultants as well as in need of  hazard identification. These work environments include construction of buildings, mining industries and more.

These health and safety hazards could be easily dealt with and removed by businesses and organizations providing the work project to the employees, but, unfortunately, there are many heads of organizations who are ignorant of these potential hazards, may consider safety inspections redundant, or may even believe these regulations to be an extra expense that they can ignore. Sadly, this mentality is quite common, and should be confronted as quickly as possible. But who would have the authority to confront the heads of such large corporations and force them to understand the possible risks they may pose on their workers?

One such company that has stepped up and provided workers of these corporations with a backbone is Pinpoint Health and Safety. This company started out in Cape Town, and through spreading their awareness and influence has been able to not only improve numerous organizations' health and safety standards, but has also been able to expand to other big cities in South Africa to help as many workers as they can.

Pinpoint Health and Safety has thought of numerous convenient packages for organizations to choose from, in which workers would be trained on how to act in emergency situations, and how hazards should be handled if that is the case. They also provide workers with basic first aid training to help their co-workers in case of emergencies. Pinpoint Health and Safety also puts in great efforts to train and educate health and safety consultants, who will be sent to the workplaces to provide safetyinspections and hazard identifications, and overall ensure the safety and security of the hard-working employees working for these organizations.

Pinpoint Health and Safety have shown compassion and empathy towards areas of work that have always been regarded as high-risk, and in doing so, have provided the workers and their families with a guarantee of safer working conditions, and a safe return back home. By providing that safety net for the workers, Pinpoint Health and Safety has been able to promise these workers financial gain with minimum safety hazards.


Pinpoint Health and Safety

‘Instead of enforcing what not to do we focus on teaching how to do safely’


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