Wineries To Visit – Caymus And Chartron Lagrange

Caymus is definitely not a strange name as far as the world of wine is concerned. In actual fact, there has been some fuss about Caymus after it was reported that a certain billionaire had to insure a restaurant to reserve a bottle for him.

The story of Caymus is a typical Napa story that featured a family that grew their wine business after the purchase of a land in the early nineties shortly after the quake in San Francisco, and the business kicked decades after the purchase of the vast land. It did not take long before the family had the big break in their business with the Special Selection Cabernet Sauvignon made from them being the only wine to be named as Wine Spectator's wine of the year in two different years.

So enough of the entire story about how the somewhat legendary Caymus Empire came into being and some few details about the products and why they are highly cherished and adorned by most wine lovers. The first of the features of the Caymus wines and probably the most obvious of them I the rich and unique combination of ripe fruit and other ingredients that make the wines stand out from their peers. The tannin structure with other characteristics of every bottle of wine that are perfectly blended together, make every sip one to remember for those that appreciate the quality of good wine.

You will definitely appreciate the Caymus Price after the first taste of the wine. Blackberry, cherry, chocolate, blueberry, cocoa, and currant are all blended together to give a desirably unusual taste that explains why people from all over the world continue to spend their dollars on the Caymus Vineyard wines. You also get the best of finishes from Caymus with a feeling of velvet in your mouth lasting for minutes after you have drank the wine.

If you think you have had the last of quality wines with the best prices possible, then you wait till you get the Chartron Lagrange Price that offers the somewhat legendary Chartron Lagrange Margaux that originates from Medoc in France. Not only is this French delight a gift to your taste buds and senses, your pocket also gets to appreciate the way you spend your money. It perfectly combines quality with affordability and if you want to have a good time with your friends and family without digging too deep into your pocket, you found the perfect solution to your worries.









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