Wide Collection Of Space Photos – An Exposure To The Universe

The space is an amazing and interesting fact for people of all age groups ranging from infant to aged. It is so vast that nobody knows about its end point. Every day, near about thousands of pictures is captured in order to present some of the amazing facts associated with that of the space.

On the basis of awe factor, attractiveness as well as popularity, some of the amazing pictures related to the category of space photo include:

Picture of the Galaxies

We all know that he galaxy implies to the gigantic collection of system of stars along with a collection of various cosmic bodies. These bodies are known to form distinct as well as a bound system of gravity. In general, galaxies comprise of billions and trillions of stars, cosmic bodies along with some planets. They may also include gas, cosmic dust along with some other specific contents.  

Some of the most eye catching pictures of galaxies include:

  • Whirlpool Galaxy
  • Sombrero Galaxy
  • Andromeda Galaxy

You will be excited after seeing the pictures related to the collision of galaxies. In such cases, the larger ones pull the stars from the smaller ones. After a long duration, merge together for the purpose of forming a new large galaxy. The collision of NGC-2207 and IC-2163 is the best example.

Pictures Regarding Rare Phenomena related to Astronomical Facts

After so many years of scientific as well as astronomical research works, some of the facts still remain unknown to us. Among all some of the commonly known include:

  • Out bursting of stars
  • Comets appearing once in the intervals of hundred years
  • Historical pictures of astronomy
  • Pictures related to latest discovery regarding astronomy

They have proved to be very much interesting as they contain full of mysteries. The out bursting of V838 Monocerotis star is one of the most suitable examples. The rapid expansion of the outer layers of the star and becoming more luminous than the Sun has been clearly depicted in the snap! The phenomenon related to its reaching to the level of maximum brightness and finally returning back to its original dim state can also be easily absorbed from the pictures captured.

Pictures Related to Nebulae

The specially captured pictures of Nebulae have been successful enough in initiating curiosity along with interest among all. A nebula is considered to be a collection of:

  • Cosmic dust
  • Gases
  • Plasma

They also hold attractive shapes which vaguely resemble some:

  • Bugs
  • Insects
  • Mythological creatures
  • Abstract ant
  • Animals

Some of the most famous nebulae like “Pillars of Creation” are considered to be the birth places of new stars along with other celestial bodies. On the other hand, the Helix Nebula resembles to giant eye in the sky due to which it became one of the most shared pictures of the Universe in the Internet. It is also renowned by the name of “The Eye of God”.

Some of the amazing space photo of nebulae which will keep each and every eye unturned includes:

  • Orion Nebula
  • Heart and Soul Nebula
  • Eagle Nebula
  • Butterfly Nebula



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