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Singers for hire has the answers for all kinds of requirements, be it, anniversary, wedding event, birthdays, or a corporate event. We fulfill your requirement of world class singers to make your event, whatever it may be, a success. The invited will be entertained and filled with joy with our top class singers in the arena.


We possess the professional entertainment solutions required for wedding receptions, corporate events, birthday parties and a lot many more. ONCE MORE!! -shall be the response of the guests when our singers complete the song.


A wide variety of entertainment options that you require for your event is available at Singers to hire. Our remarkable Singing Chefs and also Singing Waiters can be taken into service to surprise, enthrall and enchant the guests. There are many Cabaret Singers, Jazz Singers, Opera Singers, Wedding Singers and also some carefully selected team of Classical Musicians to deliver that extra splendor to the wedding event or any other event.


We possess a long, successful global experience of 15 years and have the best or the best choir and waiters with us. Our priority always lies with the 100% satisfaction of the customers. Come what might, we always strive to deliver our best. Our repute is justified by our performances and top-notch services. 


We provide high profile services for Anniversary entertainment, wedding entertainment, Opera singers etc.



It takes a lot of planning, preparation and arrangement to celebrate your wedding in a way you always dreamed. You need to get the right groove to make the event a highlight. The reception wherein the happiness of the union is shared with near and dear must have the right enjoyment to let happiness flow throughout.


We at Singers for Hire, have the very vast range of Entertainment options that meet all your requirements for a classy and a happy wedding. With the beautiful Classical singers to entertain everyone in any Ceremony and  Musicians Opera singers , Jazz singers or Singing Waiters we shall provide the pomp and joy in the event. We also have Specialist Roving Entertainment to enlighten everybody at your wedding reception. You can see everybody pumped up with the kind of wedding entertainment that we provide.



Who are Singer waiters??


The singer waiters are very talented singers impersonating as “real” waiters or chefs in an event or wedding prior to unleashing a vibrant vocal presentation.


These performers masquerade themselves as waiters and are identical to the actual waiters.  They perform a short burlesque that ends as they surprise everyone with a sudden blat of music and songs and entertain the audience. Singing Waiters are of types like a Solo Singing Waiter, A Singing Waiter Duo or a trio of singing waiters.


We at Singers to hire have many talented Singing waiters that disguise themselves as a waiter, chef, restaurant managers and endless options. Our people perform at various stages throughout Australia in various events like Wedding Receptions, Christmas Parties, Charity fund-raisers, Birthday parties, Conferences etc.


We provide high profile services for Anniversary entertainment, wedding entertainment, Opera singers etc.


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