Waterproof Tablet Online Seller Ruggedwaterproofphone.Com Will Let You Know The Details About The Waterproof Levels

May be you already be the user for the waterproof phone for sale or you just heard about it. It is indeed that this kind of rugged android phone has good performance for waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. However, the majority of our consumers have the same puzzle that how could the manufacturer classify the waterproof level. Now, this article for the official blog of online seller www.ruggedwaterproofphone.com will tell people all related information about the waterproof levels. 

IPX could be used for expressing the waterproof level. The related levels can be divided into 0 to 8. The following content will tell you the basically standard of each level.

First, The Level zero show consumers that the electrical device into the phone does not have any waterproof function.

The Level one tells us that the runbo phone can eliminate the harmful effects of the vertical dropping water.

Standard 2 refers to that the device has very good waterproofing function for the water drop from vertical direction and 15 degrees of falling water droplets.

Level 3 tell us that this phone could help to decrease the bad result from the water spray droplet.

Level 4 mean that the smart phone can eliminate the harmful effects of splash water droplets from different directions from the around environment.

Grade 5 shows with people that water proof smart phone could help to avoid the harmful effects of nozzle jet flow for each direction.

Grad 6 means that it can eliminate the harmful effects of nozzle powerful jet flow for each direction.

Level seven represent that the device could be putted at the 0.15-1 m distance from the surface of water for 30 minutes and the performance of the phone will not be affected and without the risk of leakage.

The level eight means that the smart phone could be putted into the water which depth is 1.5 to 30 meters for 30 minutes and the performance will not be affected.

Now, the related description about the waterproof rates has been all listed above, If people want to know more information, please contact us as soon as possible.


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