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It takes a great deal to get to the point in your struggle against drugs and alcohol, or other substance abuse, when you realize that, in fact, you can't heal all alone, that you need to ask for help. Once you do ask for help, you will be best if the help is unique to your needs, and can concentrate on your specific healing, treatment, and long haul needs.


One of the most important aspects of a successful substance abuse treatment center is the adaptability and flexibility to create a unique program for each client at Avalon Malibu. The reality is that no single approach to treatment will work for everyone. The degree of intervention, personal services, detoxing, etc will depend on the type of abuse and the longevity.

One of the key elements of adaptability at Avalon Malibu is that of time. Each client will require a different amount of time at each stage of their treatment. The appropriate duration at each stage will depend on the type and degree of the client's current addiction and continuous need. Research has indicated that at least 3 months in treatment is required to reduce or stop ones' need for drugs. That being said, recovery is a lifetime process and, for many, relapsing is a typical experience. Consequently, the adaptability incorporated with substance abuse treatment centers should include how to address relapses once clients have moved out, and it should provide strategies to engage clients in group treatment program options or with the ability to move back into substance abuse treatment centers if necessary.

Comprehensive approach

One of the keys to successful programming at Avalon Malibu is to address the client in a Holistic approach rather than to just concentrate on the drug or substance abuse. A body can be detoxed and cleaned out of the desire or need for substance; however, if the underlying issues are not addressed, the emotions or environmental concerns that led to abuse are not acknowledged, or the expertise sets are not provided through which an individual can address stress, then treatment won't be successful - relapsing will become regular, and one will never be successful in carrying on with a sober lifestyle. For example, when one would have once gone for beverages after a hard day of work, they may now be more inclined to realize that another activity would be healthier. Some programs will help clients fabricate mentors or peer gathers that they can rely on outside the center that would provide sober social options.

Incorporation of family

While amid the initial detox and treatment at a substance abuse treatment center, the client is secluded of friends, family stresses and influences that could help concentrate on negative behaviours. Once the time it now, time to be reintegrated back into their lives, seclusion is no longer an option. While clients have been provided a tool pack to address stress, many treatment programs will also include families, friends, gathering counseling to educate everyone to promote and backing healthy behaviours and create a supportive environment. Participation in gathering or peer help programs allows everyone to learn how to be supportive in a sober, healthy environment.



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