Vision And Goals Of The Frankfurt Nanomedicine Award

The Frankfurt Society for Nanomedicine came into existence officially in October 2012. It started working in the month of February 2013. This society was formed when experts in the field of nanomedicine, CEOs of big pharmaceutical companies, research academies and institution came together for a common cause of exploring and promoting the possibilities of nanotechnology in the field of medical sciences. The society takes an active role in investigating and advancing individual and joint activities probing the possibilities of applications of nanotechnology in the medical domain. The Frankfurt Society for Nanomedicine publishes papers and periodicals on the latest researches and studies on nanodiagnostics and nano therapy. It promotes funds several Research and Development projects those are based on nanomedicine and its prospects. The Society supports efforts for joint research and facilitates effective and mutually productive communication among its members.


To recognise the coming of age innovations and studies in the field of nanomedicine and other uses of nanotechnology in the field of medicine, the Frankfurt Society for Nanomedicines gives away the nanomedicine award every year. This award is open to pharmaceutical companies, scientists, researchers, labs and academies who are striving to explore new horizons of nanomedicine. The award calls for groundbreaking innovations in finding nanomedicine-based solutions for various ailments, tissue damages, cancers, etc. The aspirants of the award are expected to dive into the unperceived and undiscovered realms of medicine and work on diagnostic and therapeutic procedures that are not feasible without the use of nanotechnology.


The winners of the nanomedicine award get huge media coverage and are promoted across Europe and beyond. They get ample visibility in the market of medicines, and their concepts are considered for discussion and implementation by the premier bodies and associations of medicine and nanomedicine. The awardees win a chance to present their products, concepts or study papers in front of the big shots and experts of the medical industry at international conferences and events. The winners also get a once in a life time opportunity to receive consultation and guidance from the advisory board of the society.


The entries and nominees of the nano medicine award are judged by eminent personalities from the field of nanomedicine. A panel of highly qualified experts and specialists from the pharma industry, who have ample experience in research and development of advanced concepts and practices in the medical field and also in the commercial domain, evaluates the applications for the award. Aspirants are judged on the basis of novelty in concept, exploration of the unlit depths of medical sciences, preclinical and remedial application of nano therapeutics in diagnosis, treatment and regenerative medicines.


The award was won by prosurx nanomedicine award award in its first year, 2013 for pioneering nanotechnological application in the treatment of herpes. In 2014, the award went to Endomagnetics for applying nanomedicine to build a diagnostic system that helps in the timely detection cancer infected nodes. I-CARE received the award in 2015 for developing a method of treating corneal herpes using nanomedicine. This unique method replaces damaged parts of the retina with artificial tissues that are made from the patient’s stem cells.



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