Use An iPhone Case To Keep Your iPhone Safe

The iPhone is an expensive mobile device that has to be protected from external elements to get the best service out of it. Most people who use this mobile device ignore the possibility that the device may get damaged if a protective case does not cover it. The biggest danger to the device is that it may drop accidentally from your hand to the floor or onto a hard surface like the pavement. If the screen of the device hits a hard object, then there is every possibility that it will get damaged by the impact.


If the screen hits a hard object then there may be no other option but to change the screen or get a new device altogether. It may not be possible always to buy a completely new iPhone. Putting your device in an iPhone case is the best option by which you can ensure the safety of your smart phone. The iPhone case not only protects the device when it is dropped accidentally but also from the dust and heat to which it is exposed. You can also prevent water or moisture from coming into contact with its body or its screen which can seep into the interior of the phone and damage it. 

A large number of companies have been making cases for iPhone till now. In most cases, the quality of the case is such that it is not able to save the iPhone when it hits any hard object while falling. Complaints have been coming in regularly about iPhones being damaged when dropped though they were inside their cases. It prompted Apple to come out with their Made For iPhone of MFi program that had a new set of restrictions. Companies who manufacture the iPhone 6 case and iPhone 6 Plus case had to follow these restrictions regarding the ways to keep a phone from damage.

The manufacturers of the cases for the two models of iPhones had to adhere to the restrictions strictly. The manufacturers were required to design a case that could prevent any damage from occurring to the devices if it a person dropped it from a height of 1 meter or 3.2 feet. It means that the device would be completely safe even if it hits the pavement from a height of 1 meter. The restrictions included the safety of the glass cover of the device also. As per these restrictions, There were only two options that the manufacturers had due to these restrictions. 

The first option was to manufacture a case that covered the glass surface fully. Or make a cover slightly bigger than the size of the iPhone so that portion of the cover protrudes beyond the glass surface so that it does not come in contact with any hard surface. The manufacturer was to ensure that the case should be thick enough to provide a gap of at least 1 mm between the glass surface and the table top when it is lying flat on the table. Presently there are many manufacturers who manufacture iPhone cases keeping these restrictions in mind.



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