Ultimate Guide To Hotels In Luxembourg

Boasting with carefully selected and premium accommodation, the hotels in Luxembourg and the countryside is indeed a haven of quality service that will help you easily find your preferred place to stay.  Each of them provides different types of accommodation that can address the various needs and preference of every traveller and they also offer amazing hotel deals Luxembourg hotels can also be booked on a rebated rate on most of the online booking systems wherein you will only be obliged to pay for the accommodation and not on the reservation.


A Comprehensive List of the Best Hotels


Book hotel luxembourg hotel’s diversity is a testimony on the goal of the country to address the various needs of the travellers, from the budget friendly family hotels to the luxurious high-end boutique hotels that are nestled in a strategic spot near the historic estate.  The hotel rooms found in this city is as incredible as the historical background of the place.  There are hotels near the airport which make it a very convenient place for those who have an early flight.  Here are some of our recommendations for best hotels in Luxembourg ; try to consider them the next time you book a hotel.


Luxembourg Le Royal


Le Royal Hotel is conveniently located in the Old Town of Luxembourg.  Just recently, the management performed the long awaited upgrade of the hotel.  Room service is commendable since the staffs are always pleasant to deal with.  They are very prompt in providing service and addressing your requests.  They are more than willing to provide you an answer to the general questions.  They are equipped with various amenities such as the gym which is quite small.  They are complete with equipment for tea and coffee making.  The restaurant’s ambiance is quite nice and exuding with luxury.  They also have laundry service, but unfortunately, they do not provide ironing board and iron.


Grand Hotel Caravat


For those who are looking for hotels in Luxembourg that are strategically located in the heart of the district, then you should consider Grand Hotel Caravat when you book a hotel.  Luxembourg has a long list of hotels that are conveniently located, but nothing beats this hotel.  They offer a great service, and the antiquity of the room makes it very elegant.  The hotel bar offers the best mix of drinks and cocktails in the area.


Inter-Continental Hotel


The fact that it is located near the public transportation and it provides you an amazing view of the city makes it one of the best hotels Luxembourg Intercontinental hotel offers a sumptuous breakfast while someone plays the harp which makes your morning quite relaxing.  It has a modern style compared to the other hotels in this list, and their gym is also completely equipped with various equipments.  They have roomy spaces that are soundproof, and they are fully armed with different facilities such as the pool and restaurant.  There is also a shopping centre nearby.


When you are planning to look for the best hotels in Luxembourg, consider the list above to make sure that you will have a good night sleep and the energy to complete your travel goal at daytime.


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