Two Robbers Robed One Man Who Wear Jordan Shoes In Huston

Recently, in Houston of America, a man has been convicted by robbery as he worn one pair of Jordan shoes. A witness saw this situation and then calls the police but the police did not come in time. When the man¡¯s shoe was taking by robbery immediately, two female who taken the huge ball stick helped this man dislodge the robbers.

In other words, two beautiful women saved this pitiful man. You may have the puzzle about this news and do not believe this situation. But the editor from famous cheap kds for sale online seller griffeyshoeswebsites tell you that this is truly news and has related video on Youtube. If you want to see this, please search it on Internet. The following information is details about the news.

In the local time 8 a.m. at the day before yesterday, a local man has been robbed by two men near the local high school. The robbers¡¯ aim is the Jordan shoe on this man¡¯s feet. This man was hit on the ground and then two beautiful women appear and stop the robber by their huge baseball sticks. Eventually, the two robbers had bitterly. After this is over, the policemen arrived.

A witness use a mobile phone to record the entire process of and this witness also call the police office to deal with this situation. However, the truth is that policemen did not promptly rushed on site.

In a word, this robbed man is very appreciation to two beauties that could help his get rid of this unlucky situation. On the other hand, the editor from shop nice kicks online also reminds each basketball fans: If you want to get the Jordan shoes, please see our site and do not rob anyone.


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