Trust Classified Ads Sri Lanka For Better Purchase And Sales

Free classified ads are the best way of buying and selling products in a time when everything comes with a price tag because these are positively free. They may be hard to come by in newspapers and magazines, but they are easily found on the internet. Ads of this type serve many a purpose, and there are several situations in which they can be helpful. They have been around for a long time also and can serve a vast range of clientele. They can be left on the website for weeks without paying any charge, but the content has to be attractive enough to draw attention.     


Free ads

Online advertisements can reach out to buyers and sellers in almost any part of the world. Since they come via emails, different types of people across the globe can be reached through a single mail. Free ads deal with anything and everything under the sun and are extremely popular not only because they don’t cost anything. But their availability on the internet has improved the connectivity between buyers and sellers. That is a huge benefit and the so-called driving force of the internet marketing industry.

Go premium

While classified ads Sri Lanka offer both free and premium ads, some offer only free ones. Premium ads are a powerful but optional part of an advertisement site wherein products on sale and services are given more visibility to customers.  Premium or power ads are displayed on the homepage and are chosen by the editor. Their enhanced design on the search page gets them easy attention. They get showcased on the Facebook and Twitter pages as well. However, a reputable site that has decent traffic should be chosen for the purpose.

Advertising sales and services

Classified ads are the best places to advertise any product or service that needs to be sold or bought. Articles like books and stationary items, Apple iPhones, high-end cell phones, cameras, Macbooks find a buyer in free ads sites in Sri Lanka. You can even buy advice on various types of insurance services like automobile and home insurance. Multiple services like babysitter, nanny, horoscope predictions, e-insurance, and offer loan services are also available. Graphic artists and writers who freelance have gained huge success due to free ads posting sites in Sri Lanka. Wildlife tour operators also advertise packages through classified ads.

How to submit them

The process of submitting free classifieds is easy enough. Including personal and professional details like business website, email, photo, keyword and tags are necessary. It may even require an excerpt of the advertisement and product details. Reading the guidelines before submitting helps and prevents rejection. Some real estate ads allow the creation of a Goggle map to locate the place of sale. It is important to make use of every bit of search engine optimization that is allowed in the advertisement. Added pictures should be renamed to match any tags, keywords and product descriptions when you post free ads in Sri Lanka. Some real estate ads allow the creation of a Goggle map to locate the place of sale so that prospective customers can check out the surroundings and take a call.



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