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So you are planning to for your well deserve break from your routine life. All of us need a little time to get away to help us get recharge. Holidays should be enjoyable but sometimes the small details are the one that spoil the mood. So you might want to look down the list when you are preparing for your travels essentials for your holiday.

Travel Documents.

Passport is perhaps the most important document you would need to travel, however it is wise to keep a photocopy of your passport just in case you misplace it during your holiday. You can travel with your copy and leave your passport in a safe instead, so chances of losing it would be a lot less. And should you actually lost your passport, you would be able to bring it to the embassy to get your replacement.

Travel Gadgets

These days smartphone, laptop, camera and gadgets are part and parcel of our lives. However these gadgets need power to operate and in different countries the electric socket is different and a travel plug would become in useful. Otherwise, you can have all your travel gadget, but no power to use it.


When traveling your stomach might not agree with the food in the land where you are traveling to. It is also wise to travel with some medication within just in case you get sick and need a quick fix. Just in case, you should have the emergency number handle. I found that medicated oil very useful, for slight headache or motion sickness.

Emergency cash

Having  your wallets, bag or cash stolen could spoil your holiday plans. Or you could just as easily have drop it. That would be a very bad situation unless you have kept a spare credit card, travelers cheque or some spare cash in a separate carrier or even in your sock or something.

Travel Essentials

Everyone has different needs, especially when traveling with children. Be it a security blanket or something comfortable. You might want to make a list of some of your personal travel essentials so your holiday would be pleasant.

Essentials & outfits

Another minor detail you might want to have a look at would be the clothes and outfits. You might want to bring along a versatile coat or jeans along should the weather turn cold suddenly. Packing a rain coat or portable umbrella isn't a bad idea either, as rain is hard to predict and you would not want to be wet. A map and the name card of the hotel or apartment you are staying at. It would be easier to ask for directions should you get lost.

What other items do you think should be added to this list of travel essentials? What are the items you have in your travel essentials list that you think might be useful to share with other travelers?

Be Prepared

Holiday should be pleasant and enjoyable, we should take note of little these minor details. So before you go on your holiday, prepare your list of travel essentials. 



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