Touchscreen Electronic Products Affect Children¡¯S Eye Health

May 18, 2015-America-In recent years, with the popularity of the China Electronics Wholesale such as smart phones, tablet PCs and the software which specially developed for those young people, those touchscreen electronic products eventually become many children¡¯s "playmate" so that more young children become the "touch generation." However, the consequent visual fatigue and vision decreasing are threatening children's eye health.This situation makes many parents become very worried. Recently, some media reported that a two year old boy gets pseudomyopia for 500 degrees as long time playing for iPad. This news let many parents become very anxiety.Perhaps, it seems that many parents think that the larger screen smartphone and tablet PC could not only be as the draw note but also could be used for point reading. However, the famous China Consumer Electronic said that those devices are not suitable for early childhood itself. Much of the information from mobile phones and tablet PCs are forced to be accepted by those children. Over time, the child will become very quiet and does not love to think or even undermine children¡¯s communicating skills to other people. In addition, although the smart phones and tablet PCs has a variety of software which is very beautiful and cleverly designed, they belong to the flat image which will undermine the child space cognitive abilities for three-dimensional during the early education process. Moreover, as children do not have matured eyes axial length during 6 to 7 years ago, long time operation for the smart phone could reduce their sight ability.


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