Top 5 Places To Visit In Prague

Bisected by Vltava River, this Czech Republic city is one of the enticing cities that encapsulate a lot attractive monuments and tourist structures. Many of the gothic churches and the famous medieval astronomical clock is found in this city. It is popularly known as the City of a Hundred Spires. Find out below the things to do in Prague so that you make your time wonderful and enriching.


  1. Visiting the Charles Bridge


This is an iconic and historical bridge that holds 30 statues of different religions as well as 16 different arches. Its height of 1700 feet makes it to be a perfect view point where people can stand and see the beautiful Vltava River running across the Prague city. Before it was the Judith River and its remains can easily be seen when you stand on the bridge. The bridge was commissioned in 1937 by King Charles IV. Tour the place when you visit Prague, and you would notice that there is no word that can describe the beauty of this place.


  1. Take time to Tour Prague Castle


Founded in 880 by Prince Bořivoj, this is rumoured to be the biggest castle in the world. It stands on an 18 acre land with a lot of decorations and unique medieval architectural buildings. It has three courtyards that are known to accommodate a lot of people, and you could be one of them. It has been a home for King’s and Bishops of Prague city so it would be nice if you go and have a look. Visiting is place is among the best top things to do in Prague as you would get the chance to see many exhibitions and museums that are contained in the huge building.


  1. Church of Our Lady before Týn


This is a Gothic Church that is located in Old Town Square, and its heights make it to be visible in every part of Prague. Founded back in 1385, it has served as major tourist attraction site attracting people from across the globe. For those who are looking forth to embark on religious trips, this could be the best place to be. It represents the old Roman Catholic Church when Christianity was still new, and Catholics were mercilessly murdering Hussites people. Don’t forget to tour this place where you visit Prague.


  1. Petrin


It is located on Petrin, and it was built in 1891 to mark the Jubilee exhibition. It has a height of 1043 feet, and it resembles the Eiffel Tower. It acts as a view point where people can stand and easily look at the tremendous beauty treasures of the surrounding area. The peaks of Snezka can easily be seen from this region.


  1. Old Jewish Cemetery


It is located in Josefov area, and it contains 12 tombstones where people were buried. It was a famous synagogue where people used to worship to worship before it was turned into a Cemetery. A lot of Jewish people were buried here, and up to date, it is regarded as one of the best historical places to visit when in Prague.


This city has a lot of breath taking places which is why you cannot miss a thing to do while here. As you find top things to do in Prague, make your list in regard to the aim of your tour so that you fulfil the aims of your journey.



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