Top 4 Hotels In Beirut

Many people who plan to visit Lebanon cannot forgo to visit Beirut simply because of the attractive and breath-taking venues confined in this region. The Lebanon capital city continues to receive a large number of tourists every year owing to its recreational and tourist attraction amenities. As you plan to visit Beirut, it would be good for you to book hotel Beirut so that you have a nice stay as you explore various parts of the enchanting city.


  1. Le Commodore Hotel


Although it was built in the 1960s, this hotel will prove you wrong that it’s old owing to its modern and well-pimped facilities. It is located near the Mohammad Al-Amin Mosque. Its rooms are tiled from the floors to the walls, and they are all equipped with Wi-Fi and Dstv connectivity. Every room has its own flat screen smart TV. You will stay without any interruption from others since every room has its own private bathroom, kitchen, and balconies. Outside, there are upscale swimming pools, a fitness area, and a Spa. The Beirut-Rafic Hariri International Airport is just 10 kilometres away from it. It among the many hotels that offer best hotel deals Beirut.


  1. Etoile Suites Beirut


This hotel is located at Hussain Al Ahdab Street Marfa' Area. It is a five-star hotel that features duplex spacious and well-decorated rooms. Free internet, Dstv, and Air conditioning systems are installed in its rooms making you to live comfortable regardless of the outside weather. A supplementary breakfast is normally served, but you can grab whatever you want to eat at the ground floor because there are a lot of restaurants and cafes available. A parking space is available for each room, and there is a fitness area where you can lift weights, do Yoga or do your own personal exercises to keep fit.


  1. Crowne Plaza Hotel Beirut


This is one of the best hotels Beirut because it features a flat-screen TV, a heated indoor pool, and a bowling alley. A minibar and private bathrooms are located in every room thereby making you to live uninterruptedly. A fitness zone for Guests is available for all people to ensure that they exercise to keep fit during their stay at the hotel. Grab your local and international dishes ground floor on the fancy restaurants.


  1. Le Vendome InterContinental Beirut


There is no better night you can have in Lebanon than a night in this five-star luxurious hotel. Every room oozes luxury owing to the king size beds that are equipped with high-density mattress. As if that is not enough, every room is equipped with free Wi-Fi and a flat-screen 60 inch smart TV. A bathroom and a kitchen are tethered to every room making the hotel to offer self-contained accommodation. Your stay will be very private. It is among the most recommended hotels in Beirut.


Every hotel is unique on its own way, having excellent features that are meant to offer you comfort. It would be good if you check the features of every hotel, its nearness to the places that you would be touring and other factors so that you book the best hotel.


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