Tips On How To Apply Make-Up For A Sun-Kissed Look

The right way to do your make-up which highlights your best features and hides your flaws can be a little tricky. Make-up, if done the right way, can change the entire look of your face, hide the paleness and blemishes of your skin as well as contour your face, making it look proportionate and perfect with just the right amount of make-up put the right way. It is a common mistake to choose your make-up which is one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. It is an absolute no-no because it does nothing to enhance your skin makes you look ghost like with a pale face and dark neck and hands.


Choose the right foundation

Select a foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone. Using a stick foundation can be good to save time and for easy application. Before you apply make-up make sure to prepare your face by washing and cleansing it well so that there are no traces of any old-make up, dirt or oil on your face. Apply primer and make little use of your concealer, only around your eyes and blemishes and blend lightly but evenly for a toned finish. You can participate in Makeup Workshop or watch for tips online on how to apply concealer correctly.

Blending is the key

Yes, you heard it right. It is very important that you blend the foundation well with our skin with circular strokes with your finger tips so that it is completely absorbed by your skin. Patchy and scale foundation on your face can make you look old and haggard which you should avoid at any cost. You can learn tricks on How to apply makeup from the magazines or online websites. You can mix a darker shade for a sun-kissed feel but it requires to be put precisely on the face and needs to be blended in the right manner. After application, blend very well with the tips of your fingers and with the heat of your hands, the liquid will be absorbed easily with the skin.

Contour your face

The best part about foundation is that you can contour your face accordingly to make it proportionate and and thin. For that you need a darker foundation that will be used for contouring. Any Cosmetics Beauty Advisor will suggest you that you apply the darker shade on your hollow cheekbones, temples and the ridges of your nose to make your face look thin. Blend it well with your skin so that there are no sharp edges or lines visible on your face and the application looks smooth, giving your face a soft look and feel.

Sealing the deal

After you are done with the blending and contouring part, it is time to seal the foundation so that it can stay for long. You can either use a translucent loose powder for a Cosmetics Application or a compact face powder to set the make-up. Apply the powder all over your face with a soft and broad brush that covers the maximum portion of your face at one stroke. When you are done, you can give finishing touches by doing your eye make-up, highlighting your cheekbones, and shaping g your lips with the perfect shade of lipstick that goes with your costume and make-up.





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