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There is different type of cruise boat in the river of Strasbourg. Each cruise boat has different facilities. There are many bridges around the Main Island of Strasbourg over the Ile River, especially in Little France Quarter, which is a popular tourist attraction for visitor. Alsace - Lorraine barge tour boat cruise will give you to the high points and stunning cruising on a route close by the Black Forest and the Vosges Mountains. Tour boat Cruise the rivers and canals of northern part of France widely a 12-passenger barge-hotel. Cruising through Alsace and Lorraine, is one of the most attractive regions in France, is a voyage of endless exploring of art and architecture, also food and wine, custom and culture .By travelling in tour boat cruise there you can see the interesting blend of French and German cultures, both France and German is strongly evident in this region's unique heritage. Cruise Rate does not include Airfare from France, transportation to the cruise route. Alsace-Lorraine is one of our favorite regions in France. Personalized cruises are also offers. Explore the beauty of the city with an enchanting wine village-and taste the local wines. Cruise boat NOUVELLE ETOILE boasts a long list of changes, the cruise boat facilities are awesome and lovely, it not expensive though. Appreciate a channel voyage in astonishing Amsterdam and also guided touring in Cologne, Koblenz, and Strasbourg. Savor the experience of journeys to Germany's Black Forest and to Heidelberg, Germany's most established college town with its forcing stronghold. Additionally cruise through the emotional Rhine Gorge, see the incredible Lorelei shake, and visit the Gutenberg Museum in Mainz. You can explore this famous waterway by fascinating river cruise boats. Trio of bridges curving over the channel strategies for the River Ill, the Strasbourg Covered Bridges are a famous picture of the city, denoting the gateway to its central Grande Ill. In this delightful city you'll be stun by the sights, sounds, tastes and distinctive vibes of your experience. This city can give you the best of everything. There are numerous sublime things to do and find in this wonderful city. Strasbourg is one of the best destination.

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