Three Major Features Of The Cad Software From Zw Soft

CAD SOFTWARE from has many remarkable features help to enhance the designers¡¯ working efficiency. Today, the editor of them will give introduce with people three major improvements of their software.

The perfect format compatibility

The CAD software from adopt the DWG as its internal working document formats and this let the software has ability to read and save DWG, DXF file and with all highly compatible with all related CAD drawing file. This factor could help to ensure complete and accurate reading and storing graphical information and then help designers simplify the interaction of the original drawing file and then enhance the working efficiency of graphic designing.

The second factor should be the smart label system

During the drawing process of those designers, the label work could occupy a quarter of the overall design working time. A pair of drawing usually needs different types of label such as annotations linear, chamfering, diameter, angle and others wherein the label function changing could already spend a considerable part of time. In that case, the intelligent labeling feature should be a good solution to this part of work. This function of CAD software from already help designer save a lot of time for switching commands and other manual operation.¡¡¡¡

Simple enterprise standard sync tools

Environment settings of traditional CAD drawing software should be manually set by designers step by step and each computer will need to repeat the same setting operation. This manual operation could not only waste a lot of time but also will be very prone to error in the drawing process. In view of this situation, the CAD design software from introduce the standard style updates and packaging functions, By the support of this function, people should just set the standard on a computer and then other computer in the company will be easily get the same configuration. This function has actually enhances the working efficiency and shorten the entire products designation life cycle.

In addition to all newly features above, the 3d cad from also has other good improvement. You could easily experience them by using this software.


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