Those Crucial Factors That Each Wow Gamer Should Pay More Attention During The Wow Gold Transaction

May 11, 2015-America-First, please only use the account that need wow gold for sale to do the transaction. Some of the guests pretending smart and they prefer to use their assistant account to do the transaction. This habit will largely increase the risk during the process of transaction. Please increase the number of a trading session as it will only increase the risk of this process.

Second, please do not talk more about the sale of game gold or the gold trading topic. When GM found your abnormal changes in the gold, it is possible to call up a chat. So, please do not talk about the topic about buy wow gold in the game as it will greatly increase the risk.

Thirdly, after the union deal, if there is no particular reason, please do not withdraw the union immediately. On the contrary, please spend a day or two days in the trade unions or the game system will detect you.

Fourthly, after the transaction, the buying wow gold could flow between different roles in the same account. However, each consumer should remember that please do not often do transaction with the role of other accounts as this will increase the risk of account closed.

Fifthly, please do not try to purchase the wow gold different site during the same day. If your account has been closed by purchasing the wow gold of other online site, all of those roles in the same account will also be closed.

Please carefully read all information above as it is very crucial for the wow gold transaction.


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