The State Standardization Of The Soviet Union - GOST Standards

Every country and government maintains a standardization technique which is required to give the standards of any item or material.  The Soviet Union government before the World War 2 set a standardization regulation which is commonly termed as GOST. They use to maintain the standardization laws and regulation. After wards, the charge was handed over to a governmental company GOSSTANDART.  But a vast change came after the World War 2 when it was handed over to the GOST 1 state standardization system, which is known to be the first GOST standardization.

Inception of the standardization rules and regulation

ГОСТы на английском GOST 1 was in charge of the writing, updating, publishing, discontinuing the standards of any regulation. Gost Perevod Company maintains the standardization which first started in 2013. The company gives access to the GOST which is a technical set of standardization maintained by the Russian federation and the CIS norms in both Russian and English. The CIS or the common wealth of the independent states has a regional body of standardization known as Euro-Asian council for standardization. They are the sole controlling body of the GOST Perevod. The different sectors of standardization include oil and gas, buildings and designing, environmental protection, telecommunication, mining, import and customs duties, taxes and governmental issues.

Different names and section of the standards

The ГОСТы на английском first gave access and its standardization to the ferrous metals, selected sorts of wheat and a number of consumer goods. As the popularly known standard at the international level is the international standard requirement ISO, along with this the GOST also revised a series of the soviet union standard such as the GOST ISO 9001 OR GOST ISO 14001 which goes parallel with the international and Russian standard. All these are being successfully used presently for the legislation and legal documentation for the different sectors of industries it covers in this range.

Different codes for the different industry

The russian gost standards in english is original to the state system of standardization which started first in the year 1968.       Out of this many standards were created. Some of them are as follows: state standard of Soviet Union is GOST, industrial standard system is IST, RST is the republican standard and STE is the standard of an enterprise. Besides the coding is also different which depends on the industrial type and the type of its usage. For example the СНиПы на английском code is being used for the mining and the health industries. By the system of coding it is easier to allocate the type of industry and thus can be differentiated.


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СНиП на английском or the snip code is widely available in the GOST perevod website with the various forms of the snip codes. The snip codes are mainly the building industries codes. Besides, industry standard and safety regulation have the OST, RD RB etc. sanitary rules and regulation has the codes of SANPiN, SN, SP, fire safety has NPB, PPB. All this are available in the GOST standard rules and regulation and you have any kind of document. For document request you could visit the designated website.


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