The Most Economical Electricity Is The One You Do Not Consume!

" The absolute most affordable power is actually the one you perform certainly not eat!"


That's our slogan! We provide lights as well as lighting fixtures devices in the regions from LED as well as induction illumination that comply with the greater needs in more durable industrial atmospheres. But are actually inexpensive.


Very most lately our experts find an enhancing need for our LED-light boards along with germicidal and also sky purifying impact.


Along with the productivity, our experts additionally take into consideration the reimbursement estimate from LED innovation along with our clients. As a technological power supervisors along with conclusion from TÜV SÜD Institute, our experts check out our consulting in various other locations from commercial electricity effectiveness.


Our emphasis gones on tiny as well as medium-sized providers, focusing on industrial, retail, retail store, coordinations and also invention. Our topp homeowners are actually substitute items for edge from live HQI-lights, T8 neon pipe substitutes and also LED mild doors for workplaces as well as retail store.


Every starting point is actually hard!


Our company see this consistently along with our clients. Where can you spare power? Where perform I begin? Which solutions make good sense? Exactly what performs this set you back and also is that worth that for our company?


Substitution typical pipes to T8 G13 LED-tubes


You want our energy-saving answers? Or even perform you require advise? Name our company at the 0049-221-9924573 or even send out a questions with the get in touch with type.


Our electricity conserving items our company offer to little and also medium-sized ventures.


factor to consider from the costs and also energy intake from the final 2-3 years

look for substitute providersLower electric power expenses in providers: Substitution from mercury-vapour lights (HPMV lights) versus induction-lighting or even LED-High Gulfs

discovering the cost savings with actions modification

scenery from the lighting-system as well as intro from options that match the provider.

look for matching items taking into consideration personal instances (retail, field or even organisation, workplace, strategies, sessions).

tips and also variety from feasible help actions or even proper loan procedures.

igniting concept for primary ventures.

repayment estimation from achievement and also financial investment evaluation.

find any sort of more financial savings, relying on the business style.

technological company and also call after investment.

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