The Impact Of Internet On Music Distribution And Listeners

Music is one of the earliest and most primitive forms of expression. Ever since pre historic times, even before man learnt to talk, man has been structuring sounds and producing music. Over the ages, music has become one of the foremost sources of entertainment as well as a potent medium of mass communication in its deeper layers. Since time immemorial, people have been sharing the love of producing and listening to music. Music has the power to influence our psyche. It enhances our feelings and emotions and helps us to connect socially. The rising demand for music has turned into one of the biggest entertainment industries.

In the last two decades, we have been exploring and exploiting the possibilities of the Internet. It is now a universal facilitator that caters to all our needs in every domain of life. Music has been widely available on the Internet ever since the widespread of its usage. It is recognised that one of the primary reasons people access the internet is for music. Using the Internet for music distribution and selling has become very simple these days. Anybody can download virtually any form of music from online databases. Websites with music streaming facilities and web radio allow listeners to access his favourite song or piece of music without having to own it.

For a regular user, internet-based music distribution has a lot of advantages. Even an amateur internet user can get access to any song ever made and published within a matter of seconds. All access is possible with the help of a personal computer, a phone or a PDA. With a wide variety of music across all genre right at his fingertips, a listener gets ample opportunity to broaden his musical spectrum. Internet music also allows a user to listen to a piece of music before deciding to buy it.

Online distribution of music has not only made music owning and listening convenient for the listener; but it has also opened up whole new opportunities for budding musicians and upcoming artists. Recording and producing of music, in today’s date, has become as simple as uploading and distributing them. There are a lot of applications and software available those allow you to make quality music at home, using your PC. After you have made your music, you can decide which way you want to make them available to your listeners. You can distribute it for free through social media sites or via your own sites or web pages. There are several sites those maintain cloud database for music where you can upload your music to be streamed by mass or specific listeners. You can also sell your music trough a number of online publishers. You may draw royalty for your high music sells.

However, the combination of Internet and music has been the reason for a number of critical controversies ever since the two have gotten together. It has been reported that more than eighty percent listeners worldwide believe that the best way to download music is by getting it for free. Artistes and producer complain that this trend has had a devastating impact on the economy of the entire music industry.


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