The Entire Collection Of Third Watch Dvd Might Be A Valued Possession

If you are a soaps and serials freak, you do not want to miss any episode of your favorite show on the television. In your busy life and unpredictable engagements and appointments, it becomes difficult to catch every show at fixed hours of the day. You might have a long day at the office, or a party you have to attend. You might simply not be in a mood and mindset to turn on the TV and watch the show. But, later you feel like you should not have missed the episode. What do you do then? Do you miss out? Well, you can relax. You may find DVD sets of entire seasons of famous and popular TV series such as third watch dvd.

Often we have fond memories attached to certain shows that were aired long back. As a kid, you might have been glued to these drama series. Thinking about those times and TV shows might make you nostalgic and pensive. You might long to get a glimpse of those fondly familiar characters on the screen again. It is very much possible. All you need is a DVD player and a TV set. Just grab a collection of your favorite shows from the yesteryears in the form of DVD packs and get transported to the olden times. There might be portions you had missed during the time the series were aired. Now you have all the episodes at your disposal. You can view them anytime you like and, however, many times you wish.

A very popular crime series that was aired back in the late nineties and the turn of the millennium is Third Watch. They aired a total of one hundred and thirty-two episodes over six seasons with each term consisting of twenty-two episodes. The series was based on the lives and activities of the officers and personnel from the New York Police Department and those of the paramedics and firefighters of the New York City Fire Department who were on duty during the third watch shift that is three pm to eleven pm. You can now own third watch complete dvd set and relive this cult series.

The series was an instant hit with its inception in 1999. It was with the coming of third watch that new standards were set in TV drama series. The show was a hit among viewers and critics alike. This highly acclaimed television series has won and nominated for a number of prestigious awards and accolades. Among them are Peabody Award, ALMA awards and EMMY awards.

After the nine eleven attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, The third season of third watch began with an award-winning episode that centered on the crisis. The first and the subsequent episodes featured the way NYPD and FDNY responded to the catastrophe. The entire set of DVDs is full of such exciting episodes that you will love to catch again and again. The complete set of 3rd watch dvd is a valued collectible that you would enjoy sharing with the next generation who might otherwise never know of this cult series.



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