The Difference Between The Pneumatic Control Valve And Hydraulic Valve

May 7, 2015-America-Today, the famous China pneumatic control valve supplier will introduce with people the difference between the pneumatic valves and hydraulic valves.

Different Energy supplying

The pneumatic components and devices can be adopted the power supply from the centralized compressor gas station and then people could control the working pressure of each valve depending on the different requirements. The hydraulic valves are all equipped with the returning line to facilitate the collection of used hydraulic oil. Pneumatic control valve can also directly exhaust the compressed air emissions to the atmosphere through the exhaust port.

Different requirements for leaking situation

Hydraulic valve has stringent requirements for outward leakage but its requirement for the inside leakage is not very strictly and it could let a small amount of leakage. However, for the China control valve, the internal leakage could not be allowed as the internal pneumatic valve leakage has big risk of accidents.

Different requirement for lubrication

The working medium of the hydraulic system is hydraulic oil so the hydraulic valve has no requirement for lubrication. The working medium for the pneumatic system is air which does not have the effect of lubrication so many pneumatic valves requires oil mist lubrication.

Different pressure range

The operating pressure range of the pneumatic valve is lower than that of the hydraulic valves. The working pressure for the pneumatic valve is usually less than 10bar and few can reach within 40bar. On the other hand, people should know that the working pressure of the hydraulic valves is very high which usually less than 50Mpa. If the China pneumatic control valve is use in excess of the maximum allowable pressure, it will often cause into the serious accident.

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