The Characteristics Of The Artificial Chiffon And Real Chiffon

May 13, 2015-America-The chiffon materials could be mainly divided into the artificial silk chiffon and the real silk chiffon. Today, the famous long bridesmaid dresses uk seller will tell people the main features of those two sorts of fabrics.

First, the artificial chiffon is general composited by the 100% polyester.

The texture features of this fabric is mainly thin, soft, good natural drape feeling and good skin-friendly feeling. Of course, those features are just the appearance characteristics and the faked chiffon is not better than the real chiffon on the chiffon short bridesmaid dresses online. However, as the artificial chiffon fabric use the pure chemical fiber, it is not easy to be faded and the taking care for this material is also very easy.

Second, the ingredient of the real silk chiffon is 100% silk.

The appearance features of the real silk chiffon are the same as the artificial one. However, as its natural features, the long-term wearing for it will be good for people's skin. On the other hand, the dresses which made of this material are also very cool and breathable. However, there are also some aspects which the silk chiffon can not keep up with the artificial chiffon. For example, the real chiffon vintage prom dress will be easily dimmed after high frequently washing and it could not be exposure under the sun.

However, with the progress of the times, the artificial chiffon and real chiffon gradually become two kinds of products.

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