The Best Sanskrit Journal Is A Source Of Motivation To Many Researchers

Lots of journals are published every year in the field of Sanskrit. These are valuable journals that not only teach valuable lessons, but also create a bigger impact on the life, as a whole. Ananta is a Sanskrit word which means without any end or rather the infinite. Recently, an international journal in Sanskrit was published in this name, and it has lots of positive values and benefits. The journal and its contents acquired prominence attention all over the world. The main focus of the journal is to publish wide varieties of articles that are associated with Sanskrit studies.

In fact, the journal is considered to be one of the biggest platforms to offer guidance and motivation to the Sanskrit students, scholars and personnel. After all, there is lots of individual carrying research in Sanskrit, and they can find adequate materials and information through the articles published in Sanskrit Journal. The journal is also a useful guide and lots of people rely on it because it is approved by ISSN with the number 2394-7519. Students of Sanskrit from across the world are free to submit articles on different subjects related to Sanskrit. However, prior to publishing, the articles go through thorough review and revision process.

Anyone interested can submit their articles. The manuscripts can also be submitted online, and the number is mailed to the corresponding author within a time span of one week. The manuscripts submitted are gone through peer review in a rapid manner, and the high quality ones are published. In addition to that, the authorities also give greater emphasis on those articles that were not published before and are not under consideration for publication by any other journal. Those articles are published in the subsequent issue without any delay.  

There are various topics on which articles are written. Some of these topics are computation linguistics, ancient Indian sciences, culture, aesthetics and politics, agamic systems, Jain literature, Indian philosophy and many more to mention. As a result, researchers can get information from the wide varieties of materials that are published here. In fact, one can expect to find almost any topic under the sun related to Sanskrit literature. Consequently, it has been helping and will continue to help scholars and researchers in the years to come.    

Thus, it can be concluded that the International Sanskrit journal is making great efforts to help fellow researchers and scholars to prosper in their research and advance in the field. The articles are published in Sanskrit, Hindi and English language making it easier for any interested people to read them. The Sanskrit academic journal is intended to give authors a particular platform while students can acquire knowledge and information from here. It is because of this reason that this journal is considered to be one of the best journals in Sanskrit and will continue to remain the most important one. Interested persons and libraries can also subscribe to this journal in the printed version. Hence, nothing can be better than this in this context.



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