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This is a lovely and attractive picture of Eiffel tower on Seine river of Paris, France. Here in this image you can see a cool arched metal bridge by the Eiffel tower near the seine river situated in the heart of Paris. Eiffel tower of Paris needs no introduction everyone the tower of romance and love. And the seine river near the Eiffel tower is also one of the calm and romantic site of the city. Paris is city of Love and romance, visited by more than one million outsiders every year. Eiffel Tower on Seine is one of the famous places in Paris so you can easily reach there by boarding local transport of the city of Paris, France. There are so many places in the city of Paris such as Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe, Seine River, Louvre Palace and many more. All the fabulous sites of the city will offer you so many fun activities to enjoy in the city. Millions of love couples come every year to spend some quality time together in the city of love and romance. The best time to visit the Eiffel tower is at the time of night because at that time the complete Eiffel tower is blighted up with colorful lights. If you really plan a holiday with your family or with your special ones then Paris is the place you should visit. A part from all the famous sites of the city Paris is also a best place for the shopping lover. The interesting things about the Paris is that the fashion of Paris is change in very frequent order. You will get almost everything from the nearby markets and malls of the city on a reasonable rate. A visit to Eiffel tower on Seine river and other sites of the city will definitely give you the best experience for your life and you will surly enjoy it a lot. Your eyes will be dazzled to see all the sites of the city especially Eiffel tower at the time of night. And you will surely enjoy your journey to the city of Paris.

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