Axial exhaust fan

Axial exhaust fan may be your environmental solution; then again, maybe not.  It depends upon several factors, and the highly-qualified professionals at Texel-Seikow, U. S. A., Inc. can help you understand, and examine, those factors.

Basically, there are two types of exhaust fans – axial and centrifugal.  Both types are designed to move air, but each type has its advantages and disadvantages, so the decision about which type to use will depend, among other factors, upon the size of the area from which air is to be removed and the speed with which that movement needs to occur.  In smaller areas, from which air can be removed more slowly, an Axial exhaust fan may be your perfect solution, but if the health and safety of your employees is a factor, then you should consult with professionals.

Texel-Seikow designs, builds, installs, and maintains all types of environmental equipment.  When it comes to environmental solutions, we are the professionals.  Our highly-trained staff of environmental specialists can evaluate your circumstances, and recommend the right equipment to meet your needs.  That equipment might well include an Axial exhaust fan.  Find out by giving us a call at 713-683-1505.  Let’s discuss the matter.

Axial exhaust fan – Texel-Seikow builds the best.

Texel-Seikow doesn’t just offer consultation about environmental solutions.  We also design and build the absolute best in all types of environmental equipment.  We know the type of equipment needed in every situation, and we never recommend unneeded equipment.  That just isn’t our style.  There are, for instance, various materials used to build fans, and the choice of those materials depends upon the individual fan’s expected use.  While you may need an Axial exhaust fan, what material should be used in the building of it?  At Texel-Seikow, we have the knowledge and expertise to answer that question and all others.

At Texel-Seikow, customer satisfaction is our primary goal.  We appreciate all of our customers, and, as one of our customers, we take the health and safety of your employees seriously.  We never provide half-measures, and we never cut corners in building our equipment.  We simply provide the very best quality, in the most cost-effective manner, with every piece of equipment we build, and we always do that while keeping the constraints of your budget in mind.  We strongly believe in providing you with excellent customer service in everything we do.  So, if you’re interested in an Axial exhaust fan, call on Texel-Seikow.

In the field of environmental solutions, we, at Texel-Seikow, are the professionals, and we promise complete customer satisfaction.  We are dependable, and we want to earn your trust.  So, if you’re looking for an Axial exhaust fan, or any other environmental equipment, give us a call.  Make our day!

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