Take Immediate Actions To Fix Mobile Usability Issues

Mobiles have heavily outnumbered the number of PCs and laptops that are browsing the internet for various reasons. The best sites that are visited are websites that are at the top of the search results. Normally, Google ranks all websites using its own tools and criteria. The ranking of your website may get a beating if you do not take notice of the notification sent by Google in the month of January this year. The notification was about improving mobile usability of your website. You have been asked immediately to solve all issues regarding the mobile usability of your website.

If you fail to fix mobile usability of your website, then Google will have no other option but to degrade the ranking of the website on the search results. You can very well understand what will happen to your website if that happens. Your website will get a ranking far down in the search results, and most of the visitors will give your website a miss. After some time, you will find that practically you have no visitors. To avoid this situation, you have to attend to the problem at the earliest. Good user experience is what SEO is all about.

To know what these issues are, you have to use the Webmaster Tools Mobile Usability option. This option tells you the various mobile usability fix issues that have been identified by Google regarding your website during its existence. You will come to know about issues like viewport not configured, small font size, or contents not sized to the viewport. You can also know about buttons and links that are too close, flash usage and fixed-width viewport. The usability report displayed by your Webmaster account says all when you log into it.

The second point of reference is the PageSpeed Insights Load Tool, which gives you the load time that your website site has experienced till now. It is very critical for usability and SEO of the website. This tool will give you the specific reasons why your website is not moving at the speed at which it should be. It also tells you the procedures for fixing the problem. When you refer to both these tools, you will know what ails your website. Next you should start taking the steps to solve the problem.

To start fixing the problems, you should first log into the Google Webmaster Tools and find out the usability errors. To do this, you have to click on the Search Traffic button for the Mobile usability. A breakdown list of all the usability errors will be displayed to you. You will also be able to know the pages that have errors on them. Go through the Web Fundamentals provided by Google to understand the best practices of solving usability issues. The first things to start with are the pages and template of the website. Start altering then one by one and test whether there has been any improvement in the rankings. Then change the other things that are giving errors. Each positive change will improve the ranking of your website and user experience.


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