Specialties Of Timberland Pro Helix You Wanted To Know

Timberland is a trusted brand for heavy-duty jobs since many years. Producing industrial standard products for ages, Timberlandhas produced finest of shoes across all ages. It is designed specifically for professionals with different needs in different fields. No matter what profession you are in, Timberland offers all variety of shoes for every profession. From industrial workplaces to healthcare, from chefs to factory use,Timberland caters to anyone and everyone in the field. So, enjoy your every single working day with assured protective boots and relish the comfort of Timberland boots even after a hectic day with heavy-duty jobs.

The pro line of boots comes with several unique features for industrial purposes. These are heavy duty shoes for your workplaces. The Timberland Pro helix is loaded with anti-fatigue technology and safety. If you are someone who is duty-bound to spend long, tedious hours on your feet at your workplace, then you need this shoe. Its shock-absorbing design is the crux of the technology. Made of lightweight Titan series technology, it makes sure the energy returns to important region of the foot. Thus, you can enjoy long-lasting comfort every day.

Because of the TITAN alloy technology, the boots have more room than the usual ones. The finest Timberland Pro helix comes with guaranteed comfort of your toe. Your toe needs breathing space once it gets tired standing long hours in the demanding industrial workplace. It provides that all-important breathing space your feet desperately needs. While an average boot will only provide the basic needs, you need some extra. This extra zing can only come from such boots. It also comes with a lacing lock on the heel. So, you are guaranteed with a set and secure heel. Also, the strap is adjustable. You can personalize it according to your heel size.

The finest material for midsoles, EVA, is also present in this shoe. The compression-moulded material provides a great midsole for the Timberland Pro helix series. It ensures the best cushioning for your hardworking feet. Although made for a different cause altogether, because of such excellent midsole, it gives running shoe performance at workplace boot price. The upper portion comes with pure leather full of grain. Also, the tongue comes with fine pads. The collar is made of fine foam to provide both support and comfort to your feet. The dual collar is a fine addition that makes it equivalent to running shoes.

The shoe has cement construction. It ensures that Timberland Pro helix is both flexible and durable, whatever be your feet type. Also, a niche technology named mesh Agion ensures there is antimicrobial technology at work. It ensures your feet don’t give off an odor. The finely contoured single-density PU gives your feet a cushioning footbed for maximum comfort. The finest Timberland rubber ensures the outsole is more durable than any other shoe. It comes with guaranteed resistance against slip, oil, and abrasion. Also, there is an extra feature called Ladder Lock that offers stability on extension ladders. Timberland shoes are guaranteed quality, avail them today for best workplace comfort.


AB:  The Timberland Pro helix is loaded with anti-fatigue technology and safety. The finest Timberland Pro helix comes with guaranteed comfort of your toe.


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