Snapchat: Making Sharing Easy

How Snapchat started:

Snapchat was started by two young men (Spiegel and Brown) who were identified as students in the University of Stanford. It was a project they started as a platform to create and basically share pictures at a very fast speed. This project which led to the creation of snapchat basically takes us to the meaning of its name “SNAP” and to share photos, drawings and artistic design line arts among friends and people over the internet. People just need to have snapchat usernames and they can login to share anything they wish. Snapchat was known to be very famous since the year 2012 when it made a groundbreaking record of 485,000 USD as a gross net profit, before the introduction of snapchat kidz for users under the age of 13.



hy Snapchat is not good for children?

Snapchat social network is basically for fun lovers who log on to share pictures and chats with no restrictions to teens underage during signup. Due to mostly shared and featured explicit contents posted over the site by few teens who share leaked snapchat nude pictures but on the other hand, it is really fun surfing over the raw pages of the websites as looks amazing meeting fun lovers from different parts of the world sharing pictures and videos on exchanging topics of different capacities. But one thing which baffles a first time visitor would be the user interface of the platform, having young girls and boys post raw, naked nude pictures and pornography as if they are porn stars. However, it has been noted by the owners that the network was not established for such practices. Citing how proper measure would be taken to ensure the services are ascertained


Why both parents and teens like snapchat:


The possibility to make good screen capture:

Regardless of the raving tweets that snapchat does not save messages, the owners are making us to know that there are still more greater advantages to the little disadvantages which has made so many people worldwide to have unquenching desire. One of the amazing facts about snapchats capture is the ability to notify a person when it captures and processes.


It is possible to retrieve a deleted photo:

This is another amazing feature as applicable to snapchat boys and snapchat girls, so when you mistakenly or intentionally delete your photos on snapchat, do not quickly give in to the fact that your photo is forever gone. With snap chat you can get your files back only at a click of the mouse.


No more sexting worries:

Like as connoted earlier about how most teens share nude and naked pictures over there snapchap network. This issue of using the snapchat network to post nudities and all sorts of pornographic pictures has all been penned down.


Latest technologies on Blocking users who share inappropriate contents: Concerning, the activities of users who will only come to share nude pictures, pornography, and other unapproved contents, the CEO, Evan Spiegel through his blog, made it known to the public that there are now options giving you the opportunity to block any user you feel is not needed in your list for any reason or the other.





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