Several Factors Tell You How To Better Maintain The Floatation Machine

Flotation machines are suitable for sorting colored black metal and other non-metallic materials such as coal fluorite, talc and others. As the introduction of the famous froth slurry pump supplier, the flotation machine is driven by a V-belt motor which could, on the one hand, inhale sufficient air that mixed with the slurry, on the other hand, stirring the pulp and the drug. The flotation machine is very commonly used machine in mine industry but only few people know how to better maintain it. Now, this article will teach you how to do it better.

First, people should have the mind that the ability of the floatation machine is mainly determined by daily maintain. In general, all parts especially the high head slurry pump should be checked and maintained for about 3-4 months.

Second, please pay more attention that the checking process could only be operated by the skilled personnel.

Thirdly, in order to achieve the timely replacement of wearing parts and then reduce downtime, each user must always reserve a full set of wearing parts in their warehouse. However, the reserving amounts should be determined by the actually circumstances.

Fourthly, each factory should ensure that each operator for the flotation machines some should be taught with the technical guidance or related training and strive to fully familiar with the machine.

Fifthly, in order to avoid dirt and other useless things to mix into the oil, there must have a filter during the grease pouring into. When the flotation machine is in work condition, oil cap should be sealed tightly

Sixthly, before driving the machine, it must be through carefully inspection. After operation, please do not touch any rotating parts on it otherwise it will easily cause into unimaginable situation during next operation.

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