Self Defense – A Windfall

Self help is the best help. It has been remarked by our great philosophers. But it has been proved truth in many practical evidences of our life. I am talking about martial arts where you are taught to fight the enemy with the help of your hands. It is not only a subject it is also very much helpful to protest against any unnecessary attack. Just a few things are to be kept in mind! Let us see its values.

Martial Arts

Any art is a mixture of creativity and Science. Whether it is cooking, singing, dance, yoga. Similarly karate, judo, kung fu also fall in the same category. You must have heard about )功夫the famous martial arts released movie. It has been the source of inspiration for all. There have been many actions included along with some addition and alteration. To be precise God gifted items are the best. Only the proper utilization is the dire need along with proper direction.

History of Martial Arts

In earlier days use of weapons was not legalized for all. Only the soldiers were permitted to use weapons. But that did not mean that ordinary men would be facing dangers. They too had the right to protect themselves. Keeping this view in mind the concept of 太極 was introduced. It was made as a compulsory subject along with the academics. It is not only a subject to pass but to keep one physically and mentally fit.

Health Issues

Health is wealth. It is very much necessary to burn the food we intake and make proper use. You must have heard from your elders that only eating and no play will make you a dull boy. Just like automobiles our body also intake food as its fuel to keep it active. Everyday at least some time must be devoted on the lap of nature. The 武術 keeps in strong view the health status.

With the free hand stances it is very much helpful in keeping the muscles in a fit condition. No need to get fats along with the muscles. With the moving of legs and breathing 興趣班 will prevent heart problems. Also no need to suffer from body pains which is very common nowadays. If you hold a fit body you will stay fit for life long. It will also prevent gaining body weight hence depriving you from fatigue.




Wherever you go it is universal truth that your protection is in your hands. Suppose you are going through a jungle and all of a sudden someone attacks you it is very much essential to cut yourself out from that danger. The 舞獅 teaches you these basic tasks which will assist in fighting the foe. 

Some rules are to be followed. Only moving of hands and legs along with jumping will not do anything. The art related to 養生功 will teach some basic rules. For example, you cannot hit anyone very hard such that he gets hurt seriously.


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