Renowned Beni Ourain Rugs

Beni ourain rugs are directly imported from Morocco. Beni ourain is name after the collective seventeen Berber tribes who weave this kind of rugs. They are made from original sheep wool. Generally they are woven by normal sheep wool but sometimes chemically dyed wools are used for unnatural color demand. Sheep generally have Ivory color wool in their body. So the base color of these rugs comes with ivory color. Patterns are made by dark brown, light brown, dark grey or light grey color wool which is collected from head of that flock of sheep. Sheep with black wool on their head is out of ordinary. So it would be very costly if you want it. They generally dye ivory wool and give it a black color and make their product cost effective for buyers. It comes with different sizes like small, medium and large. Cost depends on size and quality of woolen material. Design and patterns are really exclusive and rare. You can use it for indoor and outdoor purpose. These can give an extraordinary look to a place. These are comes with the eye catching tribal design. Weavers are really expert and deliver their finest work. Longevity is guaranteed by the weaver and seller both. They are hand-made Moroccan rugs from beni ourain tribes in the Atlas mountains of Morocco. They are very knowledgeable and authentic about their work. These rugs are world famous and have market in any reach countries like Canada, Japan, Australia, Mexico, England etc. Sellers provide hassle free shipping for both domestic and international orders.

Moroccan rugs

Moroccan rugs are made by natural sheep wool. Goat hair is also included for all climate durability. Weavers come from different tribes.  They left their individual cultural impact in design and pattern of rugs. They made it by their own hands and creativity reflects at every single work. You will like the linier diamond grid pattern of rugs. Moroccan tribes are extremely skilled in this kind of weaving technique. They give it a surprisingly pleasing look with abstract tribal and bold geometric design. You can use it as a bed cover, sleeping mat, carpet, interior decoration. It can change the beauty of your room. This is a tradition for morocco. They are making these things for years.

A few lines regarding Berber kilims

Berber kilims are woven material which is highly graphic and horizontally banded with alternating stripes. But every tribe has their own traditional complex weaving techniques which maintain their uniqueness of work. The form and presentation are differs from tribe to tribe. Klilims are woven by natural dark and light color wool.   And you will be surprised by their colorful design. It is a very attractive flat woven material. Berbers kilims are exceptionally high quality products. Outstanding appeal of this type of hand craft is really remarkable. Kilims become famous in market in a very short period of time after it was discovered. Nowadays, these good quality pieces of woolen art have generated a great demand in international and domestic market.


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