Protective iPhone Cases For All Occasions

Smartphones are the latest rage and the king of smartphones which everybody loves to possess is the iPhone made by Apple. These Smartphones have been in the market for a long time now. As more and more new models with new features are entering the market, the prices of the mobile phones are going up in leaps and bounds. High prices are not deterring people from buying these costly devices. The only problem being faced by Apple is that the company is not able to provide adequate protection for its products.


Along with the introduction of various models of iPhones into the market, there has also been a flood of protective accessories for the expensive devices.  The iPhone case is one such accessory that helps to keep your Smartphone safe. After the introduction of the latest models, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, the manufacturing process for the cases has become even more stringent. To minimize the damage to these models, Apple has stipulated that these cases be made in such a manner that the iPhone inside the case can absorb the shock of dropping from a height of 1 meter. 

Apple has asked the manufacturers of Smartphone cases to join their Made For iPhone or MFi program so that they can manufacture the cases as per the restrictions imposed in the design of the cases.  The result of this effort made by Apple is the iPhone 6 Plus case that provides the maximum amount of protection to the device against shock and all other elements. Apple has also banned the use of certain chemicals in the manufacture of these cases to make them more eco-friendly. The cases cover the iPhone completely so that no part of the glass surface remains exposed.

The sides of the cases also maintain a gap of at least 1 mm between the glass surface of the phone and any flat surface on which it rests. The iPhone Plus 6 wallet case has been designed especially for ladies to carry their Smartphones in them. They look exactly like wallets, and their size is such that the iPhone can be placed inside, and the case can be snapped shut. They are available in vibrant black, red, purple and tan colors. Some of them have yellow, red and black colors with black and white polka dots respectively. The case for men are slimmer and made from polyurethane materials, wood or leather.

Top grain leather is used to make the iPhone 6 leather case. The case is slim and can be easily carried my men in the breast of their shirts or coats. The cases are very macho and can enhance the way a man works in the office and how he looks. Though slim in design these cases cover the phones entirely. They are a bit longer than the total length of the phone. The extra length ensures that in the case of a fall the glass surface of the phone does not take the impact. The extra portion of the case absorbs the impact and saves the glass surface from getting damaged.




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