Potty Train Girls Easily In One Week

The success of potty training largely depends on the age of your child. If started the process earlier, it will apparently take a lot more time to achieve success. But it varies from child to child. For some, it is eighteen months and for some it can be even four years. However, most parents commence the process when their child is in between two and three years. A plethora of factors is there that needs to be taken into consideration. Potty training must be avoided at times when there are changes occurring in the family such as the birth of a new sibling or the starting of the nursery. It might be difficult for her to manage the new challenge.

It is quite helpful if you conduct the training in sessions. It can be held in the morning and the afternoon for some hours. Your daughter can eat or play normally but put her on the potty every fifteen minutes. As the session ends, pull the diaper up. How to potty train need not be stressful all the time. You just need finding the correct techniques. Let your child roam naked in the house. Because she will not be in a diaper, she will have no place to put the poop. Make sure when she does the potty, you put it in the toilet and your child must see that. Repeat this thing at least two to three times in a week.

When you engage in age potty training, you must also give exciting potty prizes to your baby for making her interested in the thing. Stamps, stickers, and ice cream can be good rewards. Other than this, each time your kid utilizes the potty in the correct manner, praise him or ask your relatives to appreciate her. This will help her build the self-esteem, and also she can relish the attention. To potty train girls in a week, just follow the points as mentioned above thoroughly.



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