Play With Action Figurines In Lego Star Wars

Little action figurines replace dolls and robots as kids grow up. There so many companies that makes figurines for kids and preschoolers. These are mostly based on a certain themes or movies, and even comic books. These are games that come complete with a set of all characters and necessary props needed to play the game. If it is from a movie, all important character figurines are provided along with weapons and props that represent the movie. You can get any of these games at the online stores. All you have to do is find a store and add your game to the cart. The shipping and packaging are entirely free in these stores.

One such game is lego star wars that are based on a popular science fiction movie. In this game, all three main characters of the movie are present as little figurines. The players have to play in a team, and create battle-like situations, where they have to make sure the hero gets to the cockpit and fly the ship. There are lifting handles to make it fly more smoothly and bring a lot of action in the game. The front portion of the ship has several rocket launchers and more are placed on the top. The player needs to fire the opponent and fly the ship to safety.

Including all characters, there are seven mini figurines in the game set. There are four towers that have spherical cockpits from where the player can fire the other team members or their figurines. These spherical cockpits can fit only one figurine. The upper arm of these towers has missiles located in them. At the side of these towers, you will find eight reserve doors and rear lift. You will even find real weapons inside the box. The mini-figurines can engage in combat with each other with these weapons. There are missiles, and explosives and lots of guns and rifles.

These games can be played by older kids too. There is so much drama and action that it will interest kids from eight to fourteen years. Some of these games are so engaging that it feels like an entirely different world like the one in lego bionicle. This game is based on the legend of two siblings, and tells the story of creation of a powerful mask and makers. There are six heroes in this game, who have to find masks, and save people from the evil that lurks around.

The mask makers and the heroes get together and fight the evil to bring peace on the island. Though these games are advanced and have a gripping plot, there are plenty of games that can be played by little kids. If your kid is a preschooler, you can buy lego friends games for her. Any girl will love playing with this fun and entertaining game. The kids can ride horses or cook new dishes with other players. This game gives them the perfect opportunity to live in their fantasy world, and socialize with their friends. This game provides a whole new world to escape in.


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