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Dubai is a fast paced extremely ambitious and on growing city exceeding all time limits and abilities. Other than the tallest skyscrapers and the best hotels, beaches, international cuisines and the best service and luxury everywhere you go, the diversity of the residing people from all around the world is what makes it interesting. Summer time is harsh for any outdoors activities but throughout the rest of the year the desert cool breeze will always touch you.
Finding things to do in Dubai is never a problem anytime of the day, your options are endless from sky diving to swimming with dolphins, to a 163 floors elevator endless ride at the Burj Khalifa looking down at the modern yet heritage inspired Madinat Jumeirah mixing the old and the new with complete harmony and of course the Burj Al Arab 7 star hotel makes a king and a queen out of you. After going through Dubai Mall and the Dubai Aquarium and watching the Dubai fountain dance away with a different show every 20 minutes there is the Dubai’s other side behind the Dubai Creek were the real old side with all its markets and busy bargaining influenced by Iranian and Indian traders takes you to an Indian, Persian and oriental feel all at once! The Dubai Souks are highly recommended but Dubai’s treasure is the silence that you can actually hear in its deserts. Read about all top things to do in Dubai. Read this page if you are planning to visit Dubai. We have enlisted about Burj Khalifa and things to do in Dubai!

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