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Beirut is slowly rebuilding its position as the foremost tourist destination in Western Asia. Visitors can find a number fun and exciting things to do in Beirut. Landscape of the city is rather diverse with sandy shores, rocky beaches and cliffs that are located next to each other. Beaches of Beirut are popular among the tourists who flock to the area to enjoy sunbathing and taking part in different water sports.
Beirut Central District (BCD) forms the historical core of the city that contains lots of entertainment, shopping and dining areas. Other points of interests in the city include Corniche Beirut, Hamra Street, Beirut Souk, Gemmayzeh, and Rue Gouraid. Visitors can find many interesting places to visit and things to do in Beirut that makes it a must-visit tourist destination in Lebanon.  Things to do in  Beirut, places to visit in  Beirut,  Beirut tourist attractions


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