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Australia is really big but most of the population is spread around its coastal areas. If you ever plan on taking a road trip around the island, it would easily take a couple of decades. However the place does not lack its surprises around every corner and rocky bend. For a restless road addict this might not be such a bad area to drive around. But even if you are saved from that addiction and have different preferences for travelling you can always check out all the things to do in Australia through other outlets. 89 percent of all Australians live in urban cities. 

Sydney for instance is the center for glamorous beaches, bars, and trendy boutiques. Melbourne on the other hand, you will find to be more artistic and also home to the Aussie Rules Football. Brisbane is a subtropical town, Adelaide is festive, while Perth is like a breath of fresh air at the West coast of the country. Apart from this, the other hip cities of Australia like the chilly Hobart in the south, Darwin in the north, and Canberra, all offer so many things to do in Australia for an explorer. One of the things that you will find most common in every city that you enter is that it has its own unique theatre production or a rocking band playing live for you.

There are lofty galleries exhibiting the latest work of some top notch famous artist, or a movie launch next to a loud music festival. There was a time that Australians did not consider anything that was locally produced to be up to the mark, in present day it’s a different story; aboriginal art of dance and paint are immune to such ideology, and never fail to take your breath away. When we talk about plenty of things to do in Australia, it would be a mistake to miss out the aspect of the region’s cuisine. Just like the people, Australian plates always adorn a fusion of different cultures from all across Europe in a blend of pacific-rim food elements. Here seafood is the star of the show, you probably have never tasted anything like the Bay Bugs and King Whiting as you will have here.

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