Pest Control: Make It Safe And Secure


Pathogenic dependent plant diseases are the main cause of crop damage. The damage is caused by number of pathogenic organisms like fungus, herbicides, and so on. Like the crop damage there is major damage in the human society which is caused by the attack of the mosquito. To overcome the problems the fungicides, herbicides and pesticides are used. Every year in the world the human beings face major crop damage due to the pathogens and huge people are attacked by malaria after the attack of mosquito. The biotic stress, which is solely responsible for the damages, should be checked by the use of the fungicides, herbicides and pesticides.  


The nature of the anti pathogenic substances:


All substances including the fungicides, herbicides are the types of pesticides used in the agriculture to stop the attack of the respective pathogens. Fungicide is the substance which is used to control the attack of the fungi and the diseases caused by them. A fungicide actually kills the fungi or stops the activity of them. However some diseases like Fusarium, Verticillium cannot be controlled by the fungicides. Hence it is important to assess the disease caused by fungi or unwanted plants before using a fungicide or herbicide. The points on the herbicides should be remembered are:


  • An herbicide is a type of pesticide which kills the unwanted small plants.
  • The use of the herbicide should be selective so that the crop would be unharmed.
  • There are many pesticides which inhibits the actions of the growth hormones too.
  • There is a chance of damage of whole crop when the herbicides are used unselectively to kill the waste on the ground. 
  • There are some plants which produce herbicides naturally, e.g., walnuts.
  • Herbicides are used vastly in the crop management.
  • The herbicides are used also in the case of maintenance of the roads and highways from the unwanted plants.


The fungicides are used at the following situations:


  • Fungicide is used to control the diseases caused by the fungi.
  • Attack of fungi on crops results in the low production of crop and lowering the quality of the food value. Hence fungicide is the substance which is used to control the fungi. Besides the fungicide is used to maintain the market value of the crops.
  • Fungicide is applied not only at the time of harvesting the crop but also at the time of the storage of the crops. The substance is used to improve the quality of the stored foods. 


Fungicide is also the main part to control the disease properly. The fungicides are applied before the appearance of the disease or at the first stage of the disease.

Control of mosquito

Mosquito is the main problem of the human society. The gravest problem in the human society is malaria which is caused by mosquito. There are many products in the market which are used to control the attack of the mosquito. There are many chemicals available in the market to use as mosquito spray. Larvicide is one of the chemicals which are applied directly in water to kill the mosquito larvae. Adulticide is another chemical which is used to spray to control the adult mosquito.

This article gave a brief description about the different pesticides. However these should be used cautiously because these are harmful for human beings too.


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