Personality Development Using FIFA 15 AndFIFA Coins

Trainers across the globe have traditionally used cross functional techniques to enhance the skill sets of individual. It is often seen a chess player swimming, or a cricket player playing football to enhance his skills. Indian tennis ace Leander Paes has famously credited playing video games as the success tool for his good reflexes. A game like FIFA 15 can similarly be used for various skill enhancements like reflexes, decisioning in the short and long term.

The game of FIFA 15 is a game built on strategy and skill. The gamer works as a manager building a team and managing it so that the team is upgraded and playing against other gamers slowly progress in the game. The various elements of the game helps the gamer increase his skills as a gamer allowing him to multitask, increase his reflexes, make instant decisions. A mid levelstrategization in the form of deciding a team, from the resources available, and the formation in which this team will play to optimize the result, is required. The gamers’ long term strategization in being able to identify and groom a player is also seen. The gamer also needs to demonstrate his ability to function in the market as to when to buy and sell is also critical, as this demonstrates his ability to function with limited resources in the form of FIFA coin.

FIFA 15 needs the gamer to start a team from a basic mix of ordinary (bronze), good (silver) and very few excellent (gold) players. The gamer then slowly builds up the team till the season opens through skill enhancement, fitness cards, and contract cards. FIFA 15 coin and its usage judiciously will lead to the gamer being able to upgrade his team to a best possible performance level. The gamer needs to ensure that the right mix of players are available to the team, with solid bench strength. This is needed to maintain the strength of the players through adequate resting.

Spanish gamers typically use FIFA 15 monedas to buy a player cheap after having spotted him early. He is then groomed through skill development, contract cards and fitness cards. This lets the player to become a more valuable player over the days as he features in the team of the week or season. This demonstrated the gamer’s ability to strategize on the long term in being able to identify, invest and mentor. This also shows his acumen in being able to put the right price on a player.

The market place where you buy and sell the payers, buy your coins and the way you go about your purchase and sale is the critical test of a gamer. Spanish gamers typically use sites like to buy their coins. They also use the site to try and determine the pulse of the market and make their buy and sale decisions. The value of a player going up might be a trigger to sell him while events which flood the market lest you buuy cheap. All these are tools to improve gamers’ skill sets. Thus FIFA 15 should be looked at beyond being a game as to being a tool for skill development.



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