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The hallmark of National Orchid Garden is its design concept which presents the exhibition of plants in four areas of different colors in most of its areas. The area of "spring" consists of bright colors and animated gold, yellow and cream. The area of "summer" is composed of the main strengths and pink shades of red. The area of "fall" consists of matured tones and the area of "winter" consists of cold white and blue. The colored areas were hit by a colorful mix of selected trees, shrubs, herbs and orchids (mostly hybrids) combined with foliage and floral colours.Other attractions include VIP Orchid Garden showing outstanding orchids are named after the state visitors from within and outside the country. The Tan Hoon Siang has Misthouse display of orchids in a context of cultural decor and Yuen-Ping McNiece Bromelia collection with its display of over 20,000 plants representing more than 800 kinds of Piña family. The new soon-to-be open house will feature fresh orchid plants fresh tropical highlands. This new feature will extend the range of species of orchids that can be displayed at the National Orchid Garden.

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