Pain Management Taught By Luis Fandos To Medical Residents

Algiatry or pain management is that part of medicine that includes an interdisciplinary method for simplifying the life of those individuals who are suffering due to chronic pain. There are various kinds of health conditions where surgery is never advised by medical doctors. In those situations, non-invasive techniques like nerve block and radiofrequency ablation are suggested by the specialists. Autonomic disorders, chronic pelvic pain, back pain and headache are few conditions that can become chronic and cause a lot of difficulty in a person’s life. In the modern times, a plethora of medical practitioners have emerged who work closely with patients for making their life easier.

One of the most renowned medical doctor’s whose achievements the world has witnessed is Luis Fandos. Also, a certified anesthesiologist with an experience over twenty-four years, this professional writes a lot about health and pain management in his blog.  In 2013, he joined National Spine & Pain Centers. This expert can treat all kinds of pain management circumstances like bursitis, chronic neck pain, back pain, fibromyalgia and many more. Back pain is something very common that people go through due to today’s hectic life. Thus, a huge number of people is referred by their primary care physicians to take assistance from this specialist.

Numerous medical residents are recruited every year by reputed institutions like the Stony Brook University Medical Center and the Samaritan Hospital. Dr Luis Fanos is known to teach all the latest techniques and approaches to these residents. Along with being an extremely educated and trained medical doctor, he is also a highly renowned coach.  The specialist in the present day is engaged in a lot of research projects that mainly emphasize on patients who are suffering from chronic pain. New techniques are evolved by this professional that he believes can improve people’s lives. The doctor investigates a lot of situations that can lead to pain.

Trigger point injection, stellate ganglion block, spinal cord stimulation, steroid injection, spinal nerve block, non-spinal nerve blocks, lumbar discography are few procedures implemented by this professional.  Before getting diagnosed by a particular medical doctor, make sure you know about the conditions treated by him so that you know whether you are approaching the right specialist or not. Conditions treated by this highly capable doctor as mentioned earlier are cancer pain, complex regional pain syndrome, low back pain, myelopathy, scoliosis, neck pain and many more.

The specialist has been awarded the Healthgrades Honor Roll Doctor designation. By this designation, you can know that the medical doctor is board certified and free of malpractice judgments. Apart from offering various pain management treatments; this expert is also a well-renowned Anesthesiologist, who guarantees the safety of all those patients who undergo surgery. Also, he implements various ways for decreasing the pain for patients after any operation. For every patient, he crafts an individualized approach so that he can drastically improve the lives of those suffering from chronic pain. Another thing for which is he highly distinguished is his accurate diagnosis for all patients. Get treated by this specialist today for a better life. 




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