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M2motorsportinc are authorized dealer of Ohtsu tires. Ohtsu FP7000 Offers all season performance and smooth ride and it gives multiple rotation pattern to reduce irregular wear. Ohtsu tire have FP8000, ST5000, FP7000 and AT4000. Ohtsu tires are High volume circumferential scores. OHTSU Tires arrive in an extensive variety of sizes and cutting edge outspread outlines, which are certain to fulfill your driving needs. Ohtsu tires have more than 30 years of performance experience. The Japanese manufacturer distributes its products in North America through the Falken Tire network. Ohtsu tire range from 15"-26" tires and they are available H,S,T and Q Speed ratings.  These Ohtsu tire gives smoothness and stability at an excellent value ana non-directional thread design offers excellent all season performance, smooth ride and multiple rotation patterns. Ohtsu tire dual steel belts offer greater thread. Give the driver visual intimations to help augment tire life. Convey expanded hydroplane resistance for enhanced wet climate performance* Offer more noteworthy tread unbending nature, expanded basic quality, and prevalent grasp. Ohtsu AT4000 Tires are excellent traction on and off highway drive. it gives excellent traction various terrains. It helps to reduce tire noise. Ohtsu FP8000 are nearly eliminates tread noise and enhanced. Excellent Performance Summer tire including an Aggressive Directional Tread Design. Tread wear markers give visual prompts to the driver, making it simpler to focus when pivot is required Ohtsu tires are affordable price. Both the Falken and Ohtsu brands are a piece of the Sumitomo Rubber Industries, which is delivering the new Ohtsu traveler line. Falken Tire has launched a range of OHTSU-brand passenger and light truck tire lines as a value-line associate brand. You will like to ohtsu tires. we guarantee low price on  Ohtsu tires and any questions feel free to contact us and check out www.m2motorsportinc.com


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