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High quality tutoring Jacksonville FL in a personalized and flexible setting. Inspiring confidence through lessons, coaching and mentorship. Online and locally math tutors near me.


The role of our tutors is to act as a mentor, an approachable resource with a tool box of information and insight, empowering students to achieve their own ongoing success. We believe each student can be successful with the right amount of support and encouragement.


Michelle Kaiser, founder and lead tutor, is a Michigan State University graduate with her Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Master's of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Syracuse University. Her academic and real world experience offers her students tried and true methods.

"Extremely Helpful - Helps My Daughter Tremendously!"


The one hour sessions teach Allison more than a week in class. Michelle is so patient and really takes the time to be sure Allison understands the material. Thank you for being so flexible with our schedule. You have been such a great resource for Allison! Greatly appreciated!

"Your student's success matters.  I'm Michelle Kaiser, Founder and CEO at m.power tutoring.  We mentor and coach students of all ages!


It's important for students to be successful on their own terms.  Through one-on-one or small group tutoring, we empower them to achieve excellence.  


We make math... and all subjects... work!"


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