Looking For Local Loss Assessors In The Manchester Area?

Are you making an insurance claim? Do you need some quality advice on loss assessment? Then look no further.

You have found yourself on this site, because of a fire, theft or water damage loss you have suffered and someone has suggested you engage an INSURANCE ASSESSOR to help you with the claim, or sometime in the past you have suffered at the hands of an insurance company and you do not want to make the same mistake again.

So what does a private assessor do and how is he/she going to help you?


First is to get the insurance company to accept liability. Most people do not read their policy. J Z FOGEL , as LOSS ASSESSORS, understand all the small print of your policy and how this the liability that the insurance company has. Insurance companies do from time to time try to avoid paying claims. With our help we can, on most occasions, overcome any objections to the claim that the insurance company try to impose.

Secondly we will prepare your claim, supported from information supplied by you and negotiate, with the loss adjuster that your insurance company appoints, for the best possible settlement. On all claims we legitimately try to maximise the settlement for your benefit. No final settlement of any claim can be agreed without your approval.

Established since 1986 and with over 50 year's of industry experience our friendly family team possess the knowledge, skills and expertise necessary for all insurance claim cases.

We work on a no win no fee basis and can do this as most of all the claims we handle do have the liability accepted by insurers.



Our fees are charged as a small percentage of the settlement you receive. Should any assessor offer their services free, BEWARE, as most policies would not cover the assessor’s fees, so the assessor cannot include their fees in claim.


£5,000.00 ----- £15,000.00  10% + VAT

£15,000.00 ---- £100,000.00  5% + VAT

Over £100,000.00 Negotiable


Registered with the Financial Service Authority (FSA), we are here to assist you with all of your insurance assessment needs, whether they are domestic, commercial or business interruption claims, loss assessments, fire damage, theft, water or other, we are here for all. We only act for you, never for the insurance company.

For more information, please visit our insurance assessments page.

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