Liven Up The Room With Colourful Quilts

There are a number of reasons that lure people into using different types of spreads and Quilts or blankets. One of the primary reasons for this is to fight the cold winds in the autumn months or the soothing wind of the air conditioner in the summer months. Other than these, one of the latest reasons of using these thin blankets is to liven up the interiors of the room. Companies these days are coming up with colourful and designer tools that provide a distinct look to the bed rooms. The bedroom is a place where we spend the majority of our time at night. It is our ultimate den for relaxing. With the colourful quilts, gift your room a nice spread of colours and influence your daily mood likewise.

Designs and colours of blankets for daily use:

Thanks to the producers and designers there are a number of designs that are entering the market and serving the daily necessities of the consumers. Some of the designs and varieties that are tending the bed rooms, of the customers, worldwide are-

  • Floral designs:

Flowers and leaves always bring in a bit of freshness in to the minds and rooms of people. Some of the common colours that influence these floral design most are- pinks, purples, blues, whites, greens, etc. These colours dominate the floral scene most and can be used in both the brightest and the most soothing of tones. These designs can be placed in a number of strategic ways on the blankets. Some of the patterns which are most common are- overlapping flowers and leaves, bordering floral panels, bunches and scattered patterns, etc. All these patterns produce different designs and give distinct attractive looks to the blankets.

  • Geometric designs:

Geometric designs are the latest craving amongst the masses. For people who prefer less of over whelming designs and crave more for designs which are sleek and statement making, generally lean towards geometric patterns. These designs mainly use patterns like- hollow boxes, solid boxes, rectangles of various shapes and sizes, circles and rounds, ovals and hexagons, angles and lines, blocks, etc. All these patterns merge together to form wonderful designs on the blankets and provide a modern and contemporary look to the room.

  • Solid colours:

Some people have a preferring for solid colours. These give a nice and solid look to the room, with no extravagant prints and no obnoxious designs. These are simple yet classy and come in, in a number of colours. Some of the colours that mainly dominate the colour scheme of these blankets may differ for men and women. Some of the colours liked men are- navy blue, blacks, browns, slate, greys, ash, etc. Men generally lean towards really deep colours. Women on the other hand edge towards pastel or very bright colours. Tones that influence the choice of women include- pinks, blues, violets, reds and oranges, etc.

Choices in designs and colours are many when you decide to get Donna Sharp Quilts.


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