Kind Hearted International Travelers Providing Courier Services

Sending couriers traditionally mean sending your package to someone through the hands of a chain of unknown people. Sometimes when the parcel reaches your loved ones they have either lost their charm or is too late to reach them. Along with everything else internet has changed the courier too. Now if you want to send a birthday gift to your sibling, you do not need to spend a lot of money and wait for the courier service to deliver them safely. Instead, you need to find a website that will introduce you to people who would be willing to carry your gift personally to your family.

People are always travelling in and out of the country for various reasons. Many people are also travelling within the country on a weekly or monthly basis due to their jobs or business meetings. Many of these people are willing to use space in their luggage to carry someone else’s package in return for a negligible amount of money. This process is called selling luggage space and the interested parties contact these websites. These websites and apps have changed the entire concept of Courier Services.

The website lists them on their page where anyone who needs to send a parcel can see and contact them. These people provide the details of their travel to the company or website that lists them with their name accordingly. Then the website sends requests on their behalf for collecting the package. If the request is accepted, then they have to meet the person and collect the package and deliver it after reaching their destination. The process of International Shipping of goods has become very simple and entirely safe for the users. All they need to do is upload the package details and the website will match the destinations of both parties and send requests accordingly.

The senders can choose from all the requests and check the user’s activity on the social media before meeting or accepting the request. The users pick up the parcels and deliver them to the people personally. It adds a personal touch to the whole process and encourages the concept of Sharing Economy. These websites are making the world smaller by connecting the senders and travelers and giving them a platform to help each other. Sometimes kind hearted travelers may offer additional services like customs and shopping.

This process is also safe and secure for the traveler as the packing of the goods is always done by the traveler. This way the carrier knows what goods he is carrying and there are no chances of illegal transactions. Many of these are Startup companies that have flourished beyond imagination. These websites provide a marketplace for the world that is getting more global every day. Any traveler on a popular international or domestic route can provide courier services between the origin and their destination cities. Thus, this new age courier facility is helpful and affordable and sometimes creates a bond between the sender and the traveler. Many senders end up sending packages through the same traveler every time.



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