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DUI & Drunk Driving


Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious crime.


If you are arrested and found guilty, the law requires, among other things, that you be convicted, you will lose your license, you will be fined, and the court could put you in jail. Choosing the right DUI Lawyer can determine the outcome of your case and potentially your future. Choose Malcolm Anthony as your DUI defense lawyer and you can rest assured that you will receive the benefit of Malcolm’s 25 years of DUI defense experience and thousands of DUI trials.

Types of Drunk Driving



    DUI is a serious crime in Florida and can result in severe hardship for the entire family. A DUI conviction can affect your ability to perform daily tasks, like driving to work or taking your children to school. Driving is a valuable right, and selecting an attorney who will evaluate the facts of your entire case and develop an effective strategy utilizing all the law and science available can determine your outcome.



    Florida has an extensive coastline and thousands of miles of inland waterways, lakes and navigable rivers, which has made Boating Under the Influence a serious crime. Malcolm Anthony has extensive experience handling cases involving vessels, from large luxury yachts to small bass boats and everything in between. Due to the extensive legal and boating ramifications resulting from a BUI conviction, quality legal representation is crucial..


    DUI Manslaughter

    Even the best of us make poor choices from time-to-time and those mistakes can be heartbreaking and overwhelming for both parties. Consequences like prison time can result. Understanding the charges and details regarding your case can be difficult and discouraging.


Licenses Offenses


Many minor traffic violations can result in major adverse consequences that can take away your fundamental right to drive.


Losing this right can determine your home, family, and work life, potentially causing more problems than just the ones that result from the loss of your license. Let Malcolm Anthony review your case and determine your options. Understanding the laws of Florida regarding license offenses and your rights can make the difference between losing and maintaining your license.


Traffic Tickets

Don’t let the small things affect your larger life. Don’t let traffic points result in a suspended license, because then you are subject to criminal sanctions for merely driving. All too often, drivers in Florida unknowingly convict themselves. Simply paying a traffic citation results in a conviction against you and points added to your license. It cannot be stressed enough that in Florida, never simply pay your citation. The smartest route to take is to hire an experienced traffic attorney, like Malcolm Anthony, to avoid the points on your license. We offer our services for $49 to avoid points. Visit our website, fasteasyticket.com, and we will handle your citations. We offer services in Duval, St. Johns, Clay, Bradford, Baker and Leon county, with more to come. According to Florida Statute 322.27, the following offenses can add points to your license:

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